It felt like old home week. Tim Deal, Mark Wholley, Johnny Morse, Danny Evarts and the Four Horsemen crew who got to help, always do a fantastic job putting it all together. But this year was truly spectacular. There were tons of pictures being taken by the talented photographer and author, Tony Trembly, along with write-ups on Facebook as well as other attendees who posted their pictures and experience at this Con. Natch’ we wanted to blog about it too, just a little.

FRIDAY NIGHT started out with a bang after registration. The dealer room was open and we shared a table with the super busy Scott Goudsward, setting up and organizing the NEWH table full of author novels and anthologies. Super kudos also to Trisha and Jan who steadfastly stayed and worked the table for the public, Fri/Sat and Sun.

That evening we gathered in the lounge for cocktails and beer at the bar and joyously met up with many friends we hadn’t seen in over a year. A new experience for us on Friday night was trooping up to the courtesy room for snacks and two informative talks and a reading.

First up was Andrew Wolter on “The Life of Two Authors,” an interesting discussion with questions on writing under your own name and a pseudonym

Second was a lively discussion by Chris Golden and James Moore on “Writing Media Tie-Ins,” both eye-opening and informative.

Lastly, was a late night book release, “Through a Mirror Darkly,” by Kevin Lucia, which we heard was spectacular but sadly we weren’t able to stay for. Exhausted by the end of the evening we had to drive home. However, knowing what a wonderful Friday night line-up Anthocon now plans, next year we will be staying at the Hotel both Friday and Saturday!

As a special surprise, if you didn’t want to attend the discussions/reading, at 8:00 pm there also was an interactive ‘live’ game “Call of Cthulhu RPG,” led by author and publisher DB Poirier which we heard was way fun. Kudos to Doug for coming up with something so unique.

SATURDAY an early bird panel at 8:00 a.m. and readings at 9:00. At 10:00 am there was the official welcome and a special guest panel. The rest of the day was loaded with readings and panels by the likes of Chris Golden, James Moore, Tony Trembly, Stacy Longo, Holly Newstein, Bracken MacLeod, April Hawks, Andrew Wolter, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Jacob Haddon, Monica O’Rourke, Gene O’Neill, Marianne Halbert, Gord Rollo, Rob Smales and Tom Montelone. Lunch and dinner breaks were spent with friends and in the evening, there was music and a hilarious song created and sung  by the talented Scully sisters.

SUNDAY were more readings and panel discussions. Gene O’Neill had a reading and workshop on “Autobiography in Fiction,” that was wonderful. Great Old Ones Publishing had readings from their anthologies and novels.  Karen read “Walking White Death,” from “Canopic Jars, Tales of Mummies and Mummification, leaving us on tenterhooks.  Roxanne read “Bug Boy,” her extremely creepy tale in the anthology, “Bugs: Tales that Slither, Creep and Crawl.”  Roxanne also read “Heart of Stone,” a moody, supernatural tale of horror from the anthology, “Enter at Your Own Risk: Dreamscapes into Darkness,” by Firblog Publishing. Gregory Norris read exciting excerpts from his new novel “Tales from the Robot Graveyard.”  Other readers were B.E. Scully, Patrick Lacey, Judi Calhoun, Tony Trembly, M.J. Preston, Holly Newstein, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Rob Smales, Sydney Leigh and Sandy Schelonchik read for the prolific and talented David Bernstein. If we left out someone, please know it certainly wasn’t intentional.

All during Saturday and Sunday, you could view wonderful art work by Ogmios, Susan Skofield, Judi Calhoun, and others who were displayed in the gallery available for purchase at very reasonable prices.

Books and art were won by various people including Roxanne who received a signed plaque from the talented artist and author, M.J. Preston.

If you don’t get to go to other cons, this one is a must.