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Numero UnoFinancial Aspect.  We have many reasons for sharing, but one of the most logical benefits to doubling up with another person, is financial. 

All of us have commitments and obligations to family, friends and work, not to mention the holidays.  When conferences and workshops beckon but funds are rapidly sinking — pool your money and share the hefty expense of Gas, Hotel Room, Food, purchasing Table Space (along w/sharing the obligatory booth time)…PLUS:

SwagPens, Magnets, Bookmarks – all with your ‘shared’ blog/website stenciled across it in blazing “READ ME” letters. Postcards – where you can double-side, listing both of your latest novels/anthologies – or, if you happen to  have (shared) told each other about an open submission and BOTH get your stories in it: Print the Cover on one side and list a few of each of your Books and Blog on the other.  Again, a win win situation.

By aligning with just one other person, your marketing efforts enable you to double your exposure to any media blitz that person participates in. ANY. Including chatting up relatives, co-workers, agents, publishers – whoever they meet, anywhere.  Networking opportunities abound and you don’t even have to be there to reap the benefits.

More next week on our LIST “How Sharing Your Creative Life” can have enormous benefits leading you to become a Successful Writer

Leave a message ~ we’d love to hear from you, especially if you have a unique marketing strategy you’d like to share. Oh ~ and Happy Halloween!!!  K&R

Whether you are drawn to mind numbing horror, Regency romances, Victorian  mysteries, Zombie Apocalypse, twisted fairy tales or YA stories, between the both of us, we’ve written them all.  You can double your exposure by doing what we did.

Sharing a blog and combining our talents made us realize how important and worthwhile it is to share your creative life with at least one other person. Sharing can boost your visability by at least 50%, enhance productivity, cut costs in half — AND having four eyes and two minds to look over your work before sending it out — priceless.

We think this is an incredible way to help writers achieve their dreams with the simplicity of sharing.  We’d like to share what we’ve learned over the years and give you the hard reasons why sharing is a no-brainer for success.

Next weeks blog — breaking down the specific ways and reasons this can work for you, and no – you don’t have to be siblings.

Dent Sisters at Work

Dent Sisters at Work